Hair Mineral Analysis

A hair mineral analysis is an excellent indication of the balance of minerals in the body. Although this test is not geared to diagnosing or treating medical conditions, it does determine the lack of specific nutrient minerals and trace elements In addition, it can indicate the extent of your exposure to toxic pollutants, such as cadmium, arsenic, lead, mercury, and aluminum, which are often present in the environment in which you live or work. Your hair more accurately records minerals stored in the body than a blood test or urinalysis. When the results of a hair mineral analysis are interpreted by a nutritional practitioner, your diet and intake of supplements can be modified to correct mineral imbalances.

Other tests can be performed to determine your vital lung capacity and the composition of your body, showing the amount of lean and fat weight. As mentioned earlier, a blood analysis testing your liver function should be taken every four weeks when you are on steroids. Also, a urinalysis done at the same time can provide information that gives evidence of dysfunctions in your body systems before they get out of hand.

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