Eight To Tew Weeks Before Competing

1 usually began the day at about seven or eight with a breakfast of three or four eggs and a small piece of dry toast. Immediately afterward I took my vitamins and minerals. Four days a week I ate a large piece of fish for lunch with a baked potato or rice, most often having the potato because it is more nutritious. I varied the menu on three days with beef, veal, and liver The meal was accompanied by a glass of wine and a small salad String beans or a small tomato might be included several times a week. An hour later I ate two pears or only one apple because apples have a higher caloric value.

Dinner was approximately the same but never included meat other than chicken, to keep my intake of protein high and fat to a minimum. Fish was always the preferred item.

Although I trained at different hours of the day—in the morning, sometimes at noon, or in the evening—1 carried a pound of grapes to the gym, eating them as 1 went along. This was very important because grapes provide a great deal of energy 1 prevented any weight gain by having the grapes before a heavy workout, which burned off the calories. During this time 1 stopped eating nuts and seeds. I do not recommend them when preparing for a competitive event since they are high in calories and do not provide the immediate energy that is characteristic of grapes.

In the evening, when all the hard work of training was over, I had a glass of beer, which relaxed me, relieving tensions so I could fall asleep easily. Through the day I drank a great deal of water, especially when training at the gym.

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