Drugs And Wonder Foods

Most of us are fortunate to be born with our body systems working in perfect harmony. For the first few years of our lives we subsist on simple foods, rejecting what we don't like and eating only when hungry. Instinct guides our appetite rather than the flashy campaigns of advertising agencies that are fighting to survive in a highly competitive field As time goes by, we are influenced by the culture of peer groups, leaving us vulnerable to anything that promises a new life in a new body within a few days or weeks. On every side we are bombarded by propaganda that eventually makes us believe in a world full of miracle-packaged drugs and wonder foods. Eventually, we move toward a lifestyle based on psychological needs created by society instead of actual physical needs. In this way many of our instincts atrophy We begin to lose the natural harmony of our body systems by depending on drugs as shortcuts to success, thereby also losing the ability to function at the top capacity required of championship athletes. Bodybuilders who have reached the top in their class are not dependent on drugs or wonder foods, The miracles they believe in do not come in packages but are framed on the concept of training hard and concentrating on healthful practices,

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Five Foods That Build Muscle

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