Day Of Competition

In the morning, about two hours before the prejudging, I had two eggs, potatoes, and bread. When I left for the prejudging I took along a bag of fruit. Since there are several free hours between events, I would return to my room and eat a small quantity of fruit to provide a high level of energy. This plan helped me tremendously.

When the pr-iudging was over I ate beef for lunch. As mentioned earlier, beef protein contains more fat than fish, so it supplies a little more energy. Also, on the day of the actual competition, 1 no longer felt it necessary to eat fish. So, for lunch I had beef accompanied by a baked potato. Incidentally, I do not recommend eating the potato skin. Poisons are used to kill underground pests, such as worms, when the plant is growing, and a residue may remain even when the potatoes are washed and scrubbed. The afternoon of the contest, I took along another bag of fruit to build up energy before entering the evening competition. After the event was over 1 ate another small meal.

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