Cytotoxic Testing

At the Columbu Chiropractic Center we are currently involved with several doctors working on cytotoxic testing. This is a process of evaluating specific foods and chemicals that damage the body systems by placing them under constant stress to combat toxic foods and substances. For example, when the blood tests of 1,000 adult patients were evaluated, we discovered that a majority were allergic to dairy products, though their nutritional value is first-rate. Milk and cheese are high in vitamin A and calcium, and yogurt helps regulate bacteria in the colon. Certainly, babies and young children need milk because serious conditions pertaining to growth and bone formation result when too little is consumed. Children thrive on milk, while many adults suffer allergic reactions due to a difference in their digestive processes. The young have an abundance of rennin, an enzyme that curdles milk, causing the protein to precipitate so it can be acted on by pepsin, another enzyme in the upper half of the stomach. Due to a limited production of rennin inhibiting the proper digestion of dairy products, many bodybuilders have problems with gaining definition because they accumulate a layer of fat beneath the skin. Some also suffer from headaches and sinus problems from an improper assimilation of the nutrients found in dairy products.

Cytotoxic tests are used to determine allergies to more than 250 food items and chemical substances. The majority of people are allergic to 28 or more of the items tested, with dairy products constituting the highest rate of food intolerances. The second-highest are chocolate and cola, followed by corn and citrus fruits. The actual process of cytotoxic testing entails a study of the interaction of your white blood cells with powdered extracts of specific foods, such as milk, onions, garlic, beef, mushrooms, and sugar. When microscopically examined in the laboratory, the white cells clump together if you are allergic to the food being tested. As far as I know, these tests have an accuracy rate ranging between 75 and 80 percent—far higher than others in which allergies are tested by scratching the skin to place a tiny amount of each suspected allergen underneath.

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