Th m st imp rt nt fundi n of copp r tak s plac: when it unit s with prot in to form the hemoglobin needed for oxyg n-

bearmg red blood cell.1, ti also serves ;ts ¡1 coenzyme required tor norma! energy metabolism. I he bones, tendons. and connective tissues if oil' body systems need coppci for proper maintenance r«nd development Ihe color ol our skin and hair draws its pigmcmation from ihi; unineiul In addition, the utilization of iron inquires ¡s numbei of enzymes containing copper, ;ind it is necessary to proper functioning ol the brain cells.

1 have experimented with increasing my iniuke of litis mineral, hut tound no difference in my energy level or muscular development

Destruction, deficit!ncics, and toxicity Like many other minerals. copper Is not costly destroyed by food processing. Severe deficiencies are 1 arc and are usually due to some abnormal body function, Toxicity is uimosi nonexistent, resulting primarily from liquids rhiit run through copper pipes or are stored in copper tanks.

Sources It is distributed widely in many foods of plant and animal origin with raw oysters and fried liver containing the highest concentrations. Other good sources are avocados, black pepper, blackstrap molasses, brewer's yeust. cheddar cheese, co-1 oa, granola, gree'i leafy vegetables, nuts. peanut butter, and wheat germ.

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