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While a number of vitamins are essential to bodybuilding, B6 is fir*l in impiuliuice t hnllik >irwnhcr ol llu B vitamins. is seermd. A- u bodybuilder. I liuw incused paititular uttenlinn on vitamin* pltiyinp a ■liuliific-init i tlr in the nwutbfUsni n| mirrn.*nls ne«'d<-t5 I• ir building musUr ,iml t'-.tiiniu: ■KTmumn 1 ludmi Is oiu' "i the-.-.

Functions The most essential function of choline is regulating the amount of fat accumulating in the liver. When you are in hard training and your intake of proteins is high, stress is placed on the liver, causing a slowdown in its activity. Even more wearing on this vital organ is the consumption of steroids. To rehabilitate the liver and facilitate the digestion of protein and enzymes, it is necessary to increase your intake of supplements containing choline. This will also minimize the excessive fat deposits that accumulate in the liver, since it is here that excess fat is first stored. Most likely, any bodybuilder who is smooth has excess deposits in both the liver and the surrounding area. When bodybuilders want to gain definition, it is necessary to rehabilitate the liver by working to rid themselves of the fat it has accumulated Through my own experience 1 discovered that choline was highly efficient in performing this function. Before competing 1 raise my intake of choline from 1,000 to 4,000 mg per day. It has been found to function best when working with inositol, a key constituent of lecithin.

It also helps to emulsify cholesterol, preventing it from building up on artery walls or in the gallbladder. By working to keep the liver functioning properly, choline plays an important role in eliminating poisons and drugs from the body systems. It is noteworthy, too, that choline is one of the few substances that goes directly into the brain cells, producing chemicals that enhance memory.

Deficiency symptoms High blood pressure, hardening of the arteries, and cirrhosis of the liver can result from a deficiency of choline for a long period of time. Dizziness and headaches are some of the early symptoms.

Destroys vitamin or limits absorption Alcohol, caffeine, and sugar destroy or limit absorption of choline.

Toxicity None, but some people may experience nausea or diarrhea.

Storage In dried foods, including soybean flour, wheat germ, and rice bran, the content of choline remains stable for long periods of time. Eggs should be stored in their carton with the large ends up. Left at room temperature, an egg wili age in one day approximately as much as in one week in the refrigerator.

Processing effects Choline is one of the B vitamins that remains stable during any cooking process.

Best sources Brewer's yeast, eggs, liver.

Good sources

Animal Beef heart, brains, buttermilk, kidneys, skimmed milk, sweetbreads, tongue.

Fruit Very low sources.

(jnams, nut.t. trwix Barley iwhuie giam), corn (uimle grain!, hominy naL.'-. rice (whole grain), rice brujL rice polishing, sorghum (whole grain), torula yeast, wheal bran, wheal flour.

VegewNrs Hlacksliap molasses, .nhbaiic navy beans, potatoes, snvheans. turnips.

Selection f ijgs are one of Hie richest sources ol choline. yet many people iiie afraid to cat llirm. believtog the dmlesictol they contain will lend to clogged arteries Yet the cholesterol found in eggs is accompanied by Iccithtn, n wgj,y substwice that not onK nullifies the harmful substances in choiceerol but mas play an important role in lowering any risk of clogged arteries and heart attacks.

Larger eggs are usually a better buy per ounce, but smaller ones often have a better flavor. In testing eggs for freshness, prepare a solution of one pint of water mixed with 1 V2 tablespoons of table salt If the egg sinks, it is fresh. If it floats, throw it away.

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