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Functions Chlorine s essential to the formation of HC1 found in digestive juices, thereby helping in the utilization of protein and the absorption of iron and the B v tamins. During the digestive process, it also works to break down starch molecules by activating enzymes needed to stimulate this procedure,

A number of nutritionists believe it plays a significant part in maintaining the resiliency of tendons and jo nts. If this is true, some consideration should be given to the utilization of chlorine. As bodybu lders, we place great strain on these t ssues supporting our muscles, so keeping them in youthful condition is important. Quite frankly, howeve , 1 tried increasing my intake of chlorine without discovering any adv ntage.

Deficiencies Pure vegetarians who exclude sait from their dietary intake can suffer a deficiency in this mineral; otherwise, an average daily ntake f salt is sufficient.

Toxicity If your kidneys are working properly, toxic ty is unlikely. For your information, though, the symptoms of toxicity are lack of appetite, muscle cramps, and sha low breathing This can occur from taking diuretics in excess or following prolonged diarrhea.

Sources Chlorine is closely associated with sodium, being found in table salt and other foods containing salt, such as kelp, olives, and rye flour,

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