Carbohydrates Primary Source Of Energy

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Common among bodybuilders is the practice of going on diets high in protein and very low in carbohydrate. Their understanding of the essential role played by protein in building muscle and repairing tissue is certainly correct. Yet too many remain unaware that carbohydrates are needed to power those muscles and to generate energy needed for training. Remember, the energy needs of the body take priority over all other functions, and when you do not have sufficient carbohydrates in the diet to provide energy it will be taken from the protein needed to build tissue. For this reason, many bodybuilders enter competitions in sad shape.

A similar mistake might be made by someone who put his heart and soul into building a racing car with the intention of winning ihe Cjrutid I'ns "It's the linesl car ever made," lit' would \ay, talking with pride about ihe cylinders as some I .ilk about iheir bleeps or His l,isc|nalinti with the ear's ivjmp liImJ mechanics mighl '.v.nse bjin to lose ¡sight ol ll>e fact thai anlj ,1 pint of gas was in tli.' fuel tank when lie hii ihe race i:;iek in inmper imn foi lhe {.¿rand Frrv You ;ind I know his chance* ■ winning. no matter ho\n masterfully Lhir car was engineered ur hoi* finely tuned ihc engine. And vu i*. with ihoie Wrho work haid on mtijeuliir development anil ibeil neifk'CE . ,irbo hydrates. ihe lu>iiy - lutl uml primary sinirce o| energy

\ j.'urdl Jeal oJ tin-. problem may unsf irom ¡1 mtMaken understanding "I i5h* sources oi carbohydrate- Iruc. ifrmuis.. pj«. cake-. icecream. padry and nlhci" inch items jiiJ snack foods an loaded vs 11 h carbohydrates Hut none >f these should ne uiidl ti> provide vour sourer af carbohydrates. Instead they should eamtr primarily from liesli lruii% ;ind vegt^blrn >nd secondarily from whole ¡jrain product*. nirK and '.reds. Keep ¡i careful eye on the caloric content til these lust items munv arc high m lai COfiLtrn.

Some hiKlyhmldi Impi. ii' compensate for j ds ¡sstjciilly re-diJLcil a moUtil ol cur bo hydruti" in ibeir dici fn taking vitamin ¿nd mineral supplement:!. Hut ytliimms arid mineral* arc nut snurtts of energy ihcv serve 1uf>p,irtiiw roles :n ib use and conserve lion I or e.\iimplt. wtamm t uken when training build:. resistance against colds, urticium increases muscle function, and B-cotripJes v.iiimms arc neces.saiy (oi nnrmal futiv.i inning oi the liver and nervottt nvstem. Obviuusiy Liu, jn all important. bin nunc cun provide the t'uerpy received fn)ftl ealing iredi 11 uli?,. »'cgmhlia, ,mil whute grain products.

Unlike pifi'in. lot which tin- process n| diction begins in I he vtomach. (be digestion of starch 111 carbohydrates liepins 111 ihe mouth and 1 hen continues in ihe sunill inle^tine I he main product of curbnbydrate mclaboliMr. is glucose. eotmnnnly known blood wr.i.'«r. In This bum il cMrni our hli'Gdsiream Lirnl lirsi ¡supplier llv crujr£\ needt ul i>ur ceiil 1 qI ostein Any glucose run used immediately is Mured In ihe liver or »nisei« as glycogen; the rest becomes I at tissce A> bodybuilders. We musi be concerned w.rh mir ir'iyetigeji rcsiFve benmiie tins is ihe piimjis I'url of hurdwurk ing nuiselo-.. urid ihe stififih ill" it 1- 1 muled flic 11 •'ltv -111 dor- nnlv li [uiiiietl ^upjilv 1.1I glyeo^vn npprnil-iinUeh 1'ifi L'liiiir, sslicn ihf uppty 1 .it n- pmd Willi <hm il iuI n(

the amount held in the liver and the remainder in the muscles. Liver glycogen is available for mmediate use, being quickly converted into glucose when needed by the body Muscle glycogen, however, does not have the necessary enzymes for this direct conversion into body fuel but furnishes glucose indirectly. When the muscle contracts, glycogen is converted into lactic acid, which is carried in the bloodstream to the liver and then converted into glycogen or glucose as needed by the body. For this reason, it does not reach the brain and nervous system as directly as liver glycogen.

The reserve of glycogen lasts 2-15 hours, depending on your activities Someone playing checkers can have enough to last most of the day, while bodybuilders in heavy training can use their entire supply of glycogen within 2-3 hours. The body will then switch to alternate but less efficient performance fuels. Amino acids, for instance, can be converted by the liver into glucose in order to keep the brain and nerves supplied with fuel. This puts an unnecessary stress on the liver and drains the supply of amino acids needed for building muscles and repairing the body.

Because peak performance depends on the optimum use of body fuel, I stress training on alternate days when exercise programs require intensive workouts. If you train for two or three hours on Monday, you should not train again on Tuesday After a heavy workout it takes about 48 hours to restore the full amount of glycogen, and you cannot train properly without it Most professional athletes are aware of this and do not play the day before competitive matches so they can draw from a full supply of energy on the following day. I have known many bodybuilders who suffer a high degree of tension and irritability without realiz ng their body is in a state of chemical imbalance caused by the lack of carbohydrates that supply glucose to the nervous system. They cannot hope to make up for this lack by gulping down vitamin or mineral tablets since they do not contain glycogen needed to release glucose.

It is natural carbohydrates from fresh fruits and vegetables that are needed on a regular basis to replenish energy for the nervous system, which becomes highly irritated without sufficient glucose to meet its needs. Refined carbohydrates like sugar are so concen-tiated that they overload body systems equipped to store only a limited amount for energy needs. Cake, pie, candy, and soda pop causc the blood sugar level to rise. Your body icsponds by producing inMjIin, a hormone eliceiing rapid drop ri iht bi<n*d .sujijr level. "I he retime (il too much insulin Is alweiyv ¡t shuik Ut lIic body and ihe strwiw iim-iu anil Inhering of blood iugar levels wreaks havoc with the nervous system, a certain los, il Ml ability I|]h1 think n( this ncxl time you inr el Land) bur. It is carhohydmie-' fiom frcilt lruit> that pjt.ivide the btsi cr-ciu;. vOUtcc By eating ¡in apph'. pear. or prapci before going to 1 he gym • ,mj ai l ruisi. v-Lir ericr;^ level because the liv^r sy 11 r h ch i ^ v - I mil ui ,i slow bin conUnuoui pace, kcL-pinj: blood al li cotihliuii level

By consuming carbohydrates 30-60 minutes before going to the gym io irniti you aton prcvtftil iheii conversion l[lto laI> which gives you ihc smmnh look that bodybuilders Uke great pains to avoid. Keep jji mind I lira I cuib< ■nvJrtucs und prolcam Htr\{; I wo different functions, and their need varies according to your ii.lining schedule, weight, and competitive goals. Because protein builds tissue on a continuous basis, whether you are awake or asleep, it must be included in the daily diet even if you are not training. On the other Hand, the need for carbohydrates changes according to the drain on glycogen reserves, making it far greater when you ir;iin than on days between workouts. The same principle applied when gelling gas I'm your cm a full tank is ric-ed'jd |i*t a 301».milt J: ivc hui on!y h.llf u lank for I5(? miles. Ami ihusc who eliminate carbohydrates cmircly run the ns>. exceb-sive breakdown of tissue protein, loss of sodium, and involuntary dehydration.

Summing up, carbohydrates serve as a high-performance fuel, furnishing energy for the brain nervous astern, and iht nr.irl-wnrking muscles <il bod>bu UJet ■ ;ind nil endurance allilclis. The best sources are fresh fruits and vegetHhies Jo I lowed hy u:mk jiiiiin products like breads ano \ome cereals I >ned Iruiis contain. a hi^h percentage ol i.ugai and should h- avoided by those who are living I particularly recommend gtapea..*, or upplc- before going to the gym. Hy reserving your intake of high-Liilone carbohydrates for flic period before .i heav.1. workout, vmi will prevent them from being stored as fat, allowing them to burn off as needed for energy.

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