Most of the body's supply of calcium—weighing 2-3 pounds— is found in our bones and teeth. The remainder is found in ihe soft tissues of organs such as the liver, stomach, and intestines and in liui miiAcl« 1 >ne 1.1 ihe greatest benefit-«! J gained I rum ,»n increased tninl,c ol calcium supplements was ihe prevention of cramp' . ripccudly during cinnjielilioii. I discovered Lhc same '.vus true for other bodybuilders. Whenever 1 entered a contest and saw nnc ol ihcrti having n problem with ramps. I gave him calcium supplements, In must cases his condition noi only improved dramatic alls bu: disappeared enviek. Anoihor important benefit provided b\ ealeium i* relieving ihr wangled nervvs and tension sultered hs every coutestanl getting rends to wulk onstage I i i^eialls lake 3 4 mg nf calcium daily lor several week?, before competing and 4,000 on the big day.

Functions In addition to the essential function of calcium in muscle contra l nun ¡ind relaxation, n is iCQUired to activate n number oj eti/ymcs needed to produc* A. 1 lor energy and io hre.ik down piiiteiu molecules Calcium also -ervex ns one <>1 ihe aeL-m nccfiisary lor blood dolling arid releasing a numbci of luoniunts inro ihe bodj »yutem* Working nt^erhcr wiih magne-iium. it promdicR cardiovascular health; working with phiwpho-nr'„ ii mm n tit ms it nine boot'. and teeth. Its rate of absorption N inuiNis .1 iiy vitamin PdiheHrom your dieiary intake or from the sun. Lactose, or milk sugar, will also increase absorption of calcium.

I tendency vympinm* I li irneio can occur when hard pliys i. al'.u. k Is doiiL nicMieiii hrai In -auli i .!-.■ h asy swenlmgcan

■hi- e oi ovn 100 nip u( ea| ii one tli»ui I'euple svnh hv|un!l>' miu nun al n suf1 a ■ fun ihcy thould chcck with their physicians before increasing supplementary intakes of calcium

Extreme nervousness, a slow pulse, pains in the joints, and cramps lire lIll- main iymplums of a deficiency.

Foods iImI il»lri>v or Hmil absorption of l'jIcIuiii Excessive quantities of stiiu rated fai. chocolate, spinach, heel iops and rlmharb destroy calcium or limit 11 ■ absorption. Vcpeiafians ■ hould Ih- i wait1 I hat ihe phyi n acid eOntEiiniid in the hrnn ni llu:;i1s tun be dcitiueiive to calcium when cereal is u majcu r:■ iri their dietary in lake. A deficiency ol vitamin 13 inhibits the itbsorption i.i I calcium si^nifieiintly.

laitrfh Ait In niL'h Hie iiiiL'.i ol phosphorus hi calcium * tumid be appinximately ime in mc. ,nhlclt'> and inhere In- excrete rcgularl> mid ¡ire in jpnd IhmIiH ii increase iheh daily mtnl e ul MippltimcniA provided their supply of vitamin D is adequate.

Snmc people may gel kidney stones from mcgadnw.s of mineral.

l'rnecssing effects Minimize loss of calcium in vegetables by leaving them in large pieces and cooking with steam or a small ami uinl ui water.

H«1 vnuccs Rluck.Mrup niu liases. Llieese, bone meal, huLgui 11 on i t>ieeM:. one ot I he Lop sources n i calciim ts high in fat, which causes -i loss ol del nitinri I herclnre. bodybuilders may-want to choose other sources of calcium.

Aniftiai Bones i>: meat and fiih, caviar. ice erearn. milk, oysters, yogurt.

Grains, hi/jsmA Almonds. Brazil hUli, filbciu hazelnuts, so frewi ilour.

Ve-grinhti-?. Collard leaves, kale, spinach, turnip greens.

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