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As you probably know, hundreds of books have been written about nutrition, thousands on the suhiect of dieting. Most of these are geared to the average person and are not concerned with the high level of performance demanded of athletes. Many health-minded individuals want only to look good and feel good; therefore, they rarely focus on the roles played by specific vitamins, minerals, and enzymes or the relative importance of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Some are actually surprised to discover that carbohydrates are a source of energy, a fact utilized to full advantage by all championship athletes.

Being a winner in any sport requires rigorous training and the right diet, but these two elements are not the same for all athletes. In most sports the goal is peak performance when playing a game or match. This is based on strength, endurance, and energy, Lfimlirics used by bodybuilders mainlv in training and not on a field ■ ii liLiufc lii competitive rveruii one il llse primr cnniuderatiotiH is mil1,en:-.I ■ -,1/f .irul Ciml ¡lLhkltC atlitin Sincc [rriiiciri bllilds mu^Le tissue, bodybuilders have a high intake compared with other athletes, who need a greater percentage of carbohydrates to perform well during a game.

In addition, if other athletes are highly skilled in their sport, no one l-jfm il lhcy ait eul, '.kinny. lh ljui ol propunion. A pcrfcci example ol ihis pnuir ln found in ihc boxing arena Mirny lighiers have well Jefinud bathes Ifickmg fisi Jcpo^iLv VcFuic oihurs liiek definition and look fat; yet both become world champions. On the mber hmni bodybuilders muss focus on ijchnirum ¿nd rniii-cuhmiy hi M.ulpture their bcHtieiN il lhcy txjKijl u wiirtd Htlr

My recommendations for vitamins and minerals are also directed chiefly in bodybuilders rjHbtir ihan average people or tho^c involved ari ulher ^.pnrts Bodybuilder* netd more vmimin Br„ choline, and cidcitim than other .ithlelr;.. Runner i may n:t|ii i. additional calcium a* well uj. a high intake of vitamin t because they sweat on a continuous basis, but they may not need more choline, used to emulsify fat, or vitamin B,,, which builds muscle.

The information offered in this book is based on research, my personal experience, and direct observation of thousands I have trained. My opinions do not stem from abstract theories founded on computer printouts, but on a vast store of practical experience that has produced remarkable results, leading me and other bodybuilders to the championship levels of our profession and contributing to our good health.

Although the diets are welt balanced and meet the nutritional needs of most individuals, they are not ideal for use on a [tvrmaiww ititois. 'fhair purpuM is rt'fau'if ij>Ciliirally ;■■ <i>»\pcll-ri\i f'f?dvhw!diti^ potverliftina mui strength- 1 hrou^hout the bunk arc m> ictunrmtndatiiiJr. Ibr learning ihii neens ol youi own body. A.s this nu'areneiii grows., nuke mm or rhnti^rcti in | be recommended diets to suit your individual preferences. Food tables that appear in Appendix 1 offer a wide variety of choices to accommodate every taste and are separated into animal and plum uuteijiirKs for ihL- particular bcnefii ol pum VL-yL'tariiin-s and ovoJau'tovfljieiunan-s The same attention ho.1. been paiii In the cutegort/aliors |>E v lamiru at d mineral* mOM dircctl'- ¿iftiering bodybuilders

Some people believe they are getting sufficient vitamins and minerals from food sources, but food processing, even in the home, results in loss of nutrients. When following the diets in this book or any other, try gaining a sense of the good or bad effects various foods may have on your body. If you experience an allergic reaction, tdcntifr t/tr food >uu\)ri\> ihi' pn\hh'it\ ami eliminate it from your diet.

Many sections of nutrition books become outdated as time passes because research has become more sophisticated and new theories are constantly proposed Yet some facts will never change For example, the quality of protein as listed in the tables in the appendix will remain stable, so you can depend on protein for results. Simplicity is the key to the success of protein in building muscles and gaining definition. Avoid being tempted by current notions to abandon a simple nutritional program in favor of new products like spirulina, liver pills, certain protein powders, and other wonder foods discussed in this book. In my opinion, these products do nothing except delay your progress. Research has shown that most of them are worthless True, manufacturers run expensive and dynamically designed advertisements describing the high nutritional value of their products, but most of the ingredients are nothing more than fillers. One egg has more protein than an entire can, bottle, or package of these wonder foods. Nothing in this world works magic when it comes to bodybuilding and maintaining buoyant good health. Winning contests, becoming a champion, and keeping in top shape demand many years devoted to training, eating right, and taking supplements in a reasonable measure without going overboard. Equally important is putting an end to time lost by running around in circles looking for magic formulas that come rolling off assembly lines.

Your mental attitude will play an essential role in making things happen. During my last 15 years of training, especially when working out with Arnold Schwarzenegger, we both maintained an unshakable positive attitude every time we went to the gym. For a period of two hours we used our full mental power to such a degree that the weights seemed to dance. We generated so much electricity that it served to stimulate other bodybuilders working out in the same room Our brutal training periods contributed to getting into top shape fast. After leaving the gym, we ate a great lunch with complete enjoyment, knowing that vitamins and minerals are helpful only when the body is stimulated by hard training and the mind is an instrument made powerful by an aggressive, exciting attitude. In other words, someone having championship potential can eat the best food and take nutritional supplements by the shovel full, yet if he does nothing more than bask in the sunshine, his muscles will not develop—he is not a flower or vegetable that achieves full growth by standing rooted under the sun.

The contents of this book will open your mind to the complex universe existing within your own body and clarify the role nutrition plays in supporting essent al life elements. The nforma-tion that follows is superior to that found in other books on the suhject. Although many writers and nutritionists are educationally well-qualified, they lack the pract cal exper nee of building their own bodies and evaluating results gained from nutritional programs leading to championship titles.

I have always aimed at utilizing the ultimate level of my Julierbtuil in budyhLLtidmjj aru) puwerliiiing, atid mjnvcrf rhr pleasure 1 ir seeing glial', accomplished by rcpeqLidiy wmni^u lille?.. Now I am happy to present you with the knowledge gained by this experience, thereby hop ng to facilitate your approach to the good health and nutritional habits essential to becoming a champion.




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The Basics Of Body Building

The Basics Of Body Building

Bodybuilding is the process of developing muscle fibers through various techniques. It is achieved through muscle conditioning, weight training, increased calorie intake, and resting your body as it repairs and heals itself, before restarting your workout routine.

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