Bcomplex Vitamins

When itamin B was d scovered it s emed to be a single substance like vitamin A; however, scientists eventually found that It contains. iwu separate iacrnrs so t|ic\ called one vitamin ft, cir thiamine and the other vitamin tt; til riboflavin Additional research showed that riboflavin also could be broken down, and further discoveries were made until a number of different sub-iuinces were delmed ¿n making up iIk B-eomplex group, indudinit vitamin B| I rhianiiiu1.}, ■.¡tumui B? 1 riboflavinvitamin B„, ojmiti Bj;. bintin. choline. folic ueid. and niacin, H^cuusc ir.nst urn knirid together ir. the ^uitu Mods. z deficiency in mit usually indicates u Jeltricncy in leu'fal. It's, uselul to thi:<k ul ihc B-complex vitamins as ii team that mu:.l be kepi together to achievc result* II an additional dosage of one, such as vitamin B6, is required, it should he tiiken iilcttin with the others.

All the fi-compiex vitamin* irre Vtsier-x^ilutile mid have cerLain ¡.ha racier istii in common Onlv a small amount • ,m bt stored iri the body. ihcrefuif, they must Ik- included lit your diet O'.crv ditv. Ai :mg as coenzymes, tlicy convert carbohydrates mto Hie glucose needed lor energy and help to break down the protein and lals -n lood I bev ui i- considered one d tlie chiei Ijluhs hi maintaining a healthy nervous system, with the need for them increasing under phy-.icaS and Ittenul streiv Ah hough ninny i>1 then I unctions ate the hjni. cach member o| this vitamin team performs a specific job wil Inn the body lh»t will not allow one to rcpiace the other any more tlrun ¡1 running back can replace -i lineman.

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