Basic Nutrients

The chemicals found in your body are almost like those found in food. Both consist of at least 18 elements and probably as many as 40. These are made up of combinations of atoms, such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, calcium, potassium, and phosphorus. Some compounds are necessary for building and repairing tissues, others protect the body from disease, and others provide energy and warmth.

A stream of nutrient chemicals formed from digested food flows continuously into our cells, providing the energy needed to train, work, play, make love, and even sit in a chair watching television. When the cells have used the amount of nutrients required for fuel cach day, any excess is stored in the tissues Your body can store a limited supply of carbohydrates and an almost unlimited amount of fat, but protein cannot be stored. It must be provided by your intake of food with the amount absorbed by the body being dependent on the quality ol protein you cat.

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