A controversy has always existed regarding the damage versus the benefits of alcohol. Let me preface my discussion of the conflicting viewpoints by stating that the best drink in the world is fresh water. It enables the body to absorb and convert all foods into nutrients and is essential to getting rid of waste products. Bear in mind that alcoholic beverages do not constitute part of your liquid intake because the fluid content is necessary to transport the alcohol itself. In addition, one shot of hard liquor, such as gin, rum, or vodka, requires an eight-ounce glass of water taken with it to prevent dehydration of muscle tissue.

Hard liquor in Jin high in calories due to ,i- ahuhcil content, Wrhivh convcrb to sugar in lhe body I- all shut contains approxT-morcU 100 calori with .. i.-nrtinfivdrnLf .in - >1 2^ ¡jnim^. y,l:it:h musl be inclililed in yolii minimum required intake ol protein, enrbohydrates, md luls listed hi Lnapier 1

Mun\ individuals use hard alcohol to musk conflicts, escape realilv. or avoid coping wirli iirality In ihi-* inManees. Iliey bring on rniin- wriuus problems. >ucli depenefmive disease* ol the heart, liver, and blood vessels. An excessive intake of alcohol cuts oil llie supply of ovygen Lilic brain killing ,i lurne number ol bium cells, winch are ir rep-: tccablv been use they arr me up able ol reproducing. Many people who drunk excessively for over 25years li.ul brains that Urere Jour putmds lighter than normal Far these reasons I do not recommend hard liquor.

Beer and wine, however, are favorable when consumed in moderation because they are lower in alcohol content and less sugar-concentrated. A lull hottle nl beer, lor example. conUillls 70 !20 L-aLone.i. depending cm whether il is liglii ot regular beer I'he alcohol content lunges between 3 ¿nd r> percent, ranking it low ni sugar j prime ur for bodybuilders

The alcohol content of wine is about 18 percent for sweet and 12 percent for dry varieties. Four ounces of sweet wine contains approximately 70 calories; th. siiiuc amount of dry wine has about 40 calories. During the last few years, research has shown that wine is one of the best drinks for promoting the digestion of fats and proteins bucause it can mini over 300 enzymes. The drier lhe wine, the higher its content of cn/ymeg Ecl: contains only u tew denved mainly from brewer's yeas.1 ilnd mall b.irkv

In nummary, llie body well utilize* stiiall ¿mount ol alcoholic beverages, which should be kep: .n u minimum, preferably limited M one trim nunce gias- ol wine with lunch and niiOlher with dinner.

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