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One mistake I made when competing in the Mr. Olympia two years earlier was eating too much after the contest was over. My stomach had become small after two months on a diet of concentrated protein such as fish and eggs Since the stomach needs time to expand slowly, you should not eat large meals directly after competitive events

Although th/s photo was posed in fun, Franco once regretted overeating after a major contest

Although th/s photo was posed in fun, Franco once regretted overeating after a major contest

Having learned my lesson, I began the day after the next Mr. Olympia competition with a breakfast of two eggs, a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, and a little more bread than before. For lunch I slightly increased my intake of carbohydrates. In this manner I gradually worked my way back to a normal diet, preventing any drastic change in weight and accumulation of fat. Most bodybuilders gain weight after a contest because they overeat outrageously and then suffer digestive problems

As I began to taper off my rigorous training schedule, I also started adapting to a decreased intake of protein, which should be eaten in proportion to the amount of time spent working out

Although I always stick to the rule of eating protein foods first and salads and sweets second, I do have favorite dishes just like everyone else. Under normal conditions I try to alternate them as much as possible. I try to eat poultry one day, fish on the next, and various meats on the days following. I love potatoes and spaghetti fixed in a number of different ways. The spaghetti itself should always be cooked al dente with a sauce of freshly cooked Italian tomatoes made without tomato paste Real Italian tomato sauce is made thick by being cooked until all the water evaporates. In this way the sauce clings to the spaghetti rather than settling at the bottom of a bowl or d sh. Also, I am extremely fond of spaghetti with a green sauce made with basil.

When I am off training, potatoes are one of my favorite food items. I like baked potatoes with a little olive oil and salt, but never with butter or sour cream. Potatoes roasted in hot ashes are another favorite. I make a delicious salad by slicing boiled potatoes, mixing them with oil, vinegar, and a little salt, and letting them chill in the refrigerator for an hour. When I am off training, they make a s de dish or light meal. I also slice boiled potatoes into a pan containing a little cold-pressed olive oil and fry them until a little browned. They taste terrific when accompanied with a glass of great Italian wine.

I make a number of dishes similar to those just mentioned, always using fresh, natural ingredients and keeping the combination of foods simple. I make it a point to avoid dairy products even in noncompetitive times. I don't eat many cooked vegetables, although I had them in abundance when growing up in Sardinia. I never have chocolate or other candy, pies, or sweets, but occasionally I indulge my taste foi rum cake.

I do not like and never eat a nutnbei of food, items, feeling they have no nutritional value and do not play a role in muscular development. These include hot dogs, hamburgers, butter, soft drinks, packaged crackers and canned and frozen dishes. I have never used ketchup or mayonnaise. In a good Mexican restaurant I will order came asada, but never tacos or burritos because of the high calories Oriental food is not to my taste, and the amount of sugar added to flavor it contributes to weight gain. I enjoy having a glass of beer or wine but dislike hard alcohol, finding the taste unpleasant. I find mixed drinks like Bloody Marys particularly repulsive. 1 have never used artificial sweeteners; even thinking about them makes me feel sick to my stomach. Originally, they were made for diabetics, and 1 have always considered the possibility that they may be more damaging to the body than sugar.

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