What To Do Leading Up To WeighIn

Water Intake, Salt Intake, and Dropping Water Weight First, 5 days out from the weigh-in, begin drinking 2-3 gallons of water a day and salting your food more than usual. Next, with 2 days out, begin cutting back on your water and salt. On this 2nd day drink only 1 gallon of water and eat no extra salt whatsoever. On the last day, drink no water at all until weigh in. Also, eliminate both extra salt and stay away from salty foods.

The logic behind this manipulation is that the initial huge amount of water and salt intake will stimulate the body to urinate often in order to maintain an appropriate water balance. This is good as you'll soon be cutting back on your water intake and salt intake dramatically - before your body has a chance to reduce urine volume. What this means is that you get rid of more water than you're taking in and you'll drop a significant amount of water weight.

Herbal Diuretics and Dropping Water Weight On the day you begin your excess water intake (5 days out from the competition), begin to stimulate water loss by taking a mild diuretic like dandelion root. Diuretics stimulate the kidneys to excrete more water than normal, leading to body water losses.

Since dandelion root is a natural, gentle diuretic that slowly removes small amounts of water from the spaces outside of your cells, it's probably the safest diuretic, reducing water weight and total body weight without side effects (as long as you start out well-hydrated before taking it). Continue taking your herbal diuretic until weigh-in.

Carbohydrate Intake and Weight

Beginning 5 days out from weigh-ins, cut back on carbohydrate intake. Reduce the amount of fruits, complex carbohydrates, and sugars in your diet while increasing your protein and fat inake. As each gram of carbohydrate holds around 3-4 times its weight in water, by reducing carbohydrate intake you can reduce both the amount of carbohydrate weight in your body as well as the amount of water weight in your body.

Fiber and GI Waste

As your GI tract can contain both feces and partially digested food, you can typically lose a pound or two of non-functional weight with the ingestion of extra fiber. Adding a tablespoon of ground flax seeds to each of your feedings can increase your fiber intake and stimulate defecation, expelling extra materials from your GI tract. Start this 5 days out from weigh-in's and use up until you weigh-in.

Laxatives and GI Waste

If more GI waste needs to be cleared, the use of a mild laxative can help. Several laxative tea mixtures are available to gently stimulate your GI to expel feces and waste. Begin taking your laxative about 2 days out from your weigh-in (when you start to cut back on water intake). But be careful, use only mild laxatives. The use of strong laxatives or the abuse of laxatives can lead to a diarrhea that persists until competition day. So stick with the fiber and if you're still not regular, add in some laxative teas.

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