Super Shake Recipe

1 cup of water or iced green tea 1-2 scoops vanilla milk protein blend 0.5-1 cup of frozen berry blend 1 serving Greens+

1-2 tablespoons of ground flax seeds

2-3 tablespoons of mixed nuts 1 teaspoon creatine

Add all ingredients in blender and blend on high for 2 minutes. Drink along with 1-3 capsules of fish oil.

To be sure you're picking up the right kind of protein supplement, when shopping around, pick up the protein container, flip it over, and search for "milk protein isolate" or "milk protein blend." If you see either of these on the ingredients list (or simply, whey and casein as two of the top ingredients), you're in business.

Some of our favorite brands include Biotest Low Carb Grow, Met Rx Protein Plus, Dorian Yates' Approved Pro Peptide, and Cytosport Muscle Milk.

As mentioned above, although most of your daily protein should come from whole food protein sources, getting all of your protein in this way isn't always possible or practical. That's when the protein supplements should come into play. Yet milk protein supplements aren't the only type to choose from. Other protein supplements on the market are made from egg protein, soy protein, rice protein, and other foods. Although milk protein supplements are the most popular, if you have a milk allergy or milk proteins supplements make your stomach uncomfortable, try another type of protein supplement.

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