Step Record and Evaluate

As with the outcome-based strategies discussed in Chapter 9, it's critical to experiment, measure, and adjust. Not everyone will respond the same way to the strategies laid out above. So it's critical that you follow the plan, measure your outcomes, and adjust - if necessary.

And a dry run might also be necessary. Many of our athletes will actually practice these weight manipulation techniques during the pre-season or during less-important competitions; just to see how their bodies respond. This way, if the response is unfavorable and they don't compete well, they can alter their strategy for next time, a time when it does matter. The last thing you want to do is try out a weight manipulation strategy for the first time when competing for a national championship!

In the end, in grappling sports, where body weight is a critical part of the competition, it's impossible to avoid concern about making weight. Some health experts (doctors, nutritionists, etc) who don't understand grappling sports often suggest that all weight cutting strategies are bad and athletes should just compete at their natural body weight. While this is good health advice, it doesn't always fit the demands of the sport. After all, there are times when a grappler simply needs to drop a bit of water (or other) weight quickly for an event. Therefore, this chapter was designed to show you the safest and most effective ways of doing so.

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