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How Does Weight Lifting Increase Muscle Mass

The goal of most weight lifters is to increase the size of the muscles that are targeted. Muscle mass development through weight training hinges on the overload principle. The use of weights places a greater than normal stress (load) upon the challenged muscle fibers. The overload stimulates the muscle to grow primarily by increasing the size (hypertrophy) of the overloaded muscle fibers. This means that the muscle cells get thicker as well as get stronger. Therefore, as a biceps muscle enlarges from doing dumbbell curls it is really a reflection of an increase in size of the overloaded muscle fibers within that muscle. Although growth may occur in both Type I and Type II fibers, as mentioned, it is believed to be more significant in the challenged Type II fibers. Table 11.2 provides more detail to how the muscle cells get bigger.

Does Excessive Protein Build Larger Muscles

It's true that protein is needed for the development of muscle, but it's not true that extra protein will build bigger biceps. Body builders and other athletes do need more protein than the RDA. However, this increase is already accounted for in the typical American diet. As mentioned earlier, we cannot store excess protein. Therefore, all those extra protein calories (and the fat that came along with them) will most likely wind up on your well, let's just say I'm not talking about your quads

Extra Protein to Build Muscles

The pound of steak just doesn't convert into bigger biceps. You need extra calories, and those calories should come primarily from extra carbohydrate rather than extra protein. Carbohydrate fuels your muscles so they can perform intense muscle-building exercise. By overloading the muscle not with protein but with weightlifting and other resistance exercise, the muscle fibers increase in size.

Appendix B Sample Workout

Biceps Biceps Curl Grab pulldown bar using underhand grip, arms extended shoulder-width apart. Sit on pad and keep back straight. Count 1 Pull bar down until it touches top of chest. Exhale on pull down. Do not swing or rock lower back during movement. Count 2 Return to start position, inhaling as you extend your arms. Works back and biceps. Grab pulldown bar using overhand grip, arms extended shoulder-width apart. Sit on pad and keep back straight. Count 1 Pull bar down by bringing elbows down to your sides until the bar touches your upper chest. Exhale on pull down. Do not arch your lower back during this exercise. Count 2 Return to start position, inhaling as arms extend. Works back and biceps. Place left knee and hand on bench, extend right leg on deck. Keep back straight. Extend right arm straight down below right shoulder and hold dumbbell in right hand. Count 1 Pull dumbbell straight up to rib cage by bringing elbow straight up and behind you. Exhale raising dumbbell. Do not...

Strength Exercises

Grab one end of the band in each hand. Step on the middle of the band with your left foot, step back 2 ft. with your right foot. Bend forward slightly at the waist, keep your shoulders and hips facing forward. Count 1 Lift both hands from your thighs to your waist. This should take 2 seconds. Pause for 1 second. Count 2 Return hands to thigh level in 4 seconds. Keep your elbows close to your body throughout the exercise. Works the back and biceps muscles. Seated Row with Band Sit on deck with legs extended, knees slightly bent. Place the center of the band under your feet. Count 1 With arms extended at chest level and hands over knees, bend your elbows and pull your hands back to each side of your chest. This should take 2 seconds. Pause 1 second. Count 2 Return to start position in 4 seconds. Works back and biceps.

The Arms

Even though most of your muscles have larger points of origin than insertion, the muscles in your biceps and triceps do not. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't work them from different angles. Exercises for biceps barbell standing curl, db standing curl, preacher curl, db seated incline curl, bb reverse curl.

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31 Days To Bigger Arms

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