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The Critical Bench guide has been developed by Mike Westerdal, who is a bodybuilder and fitness trainer. He has also been coach to hundreds of top athletes, many of whom have seen increases in bench press of up to 40-50 pounds within just few weeks. It does not matter whether you have long arms, wrist pain, sub-par genetics or shoulder pain; you can be rest assured you will get all the benefits of this program. In this program, you will learn about various ways of lifting and specific exercises that you can use to increase your bench press safely and quickly. You will also be able to build 200, 300, or 400 plus lb bench press using the unique approach of the program. More than eighteen thousand people have already benefited by using this method. Continue reading...

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Andy Bolton Strength Squat, Bench Press & Deadlift

Learn how to master your squat, bench press and deadlift technique. You'll lift more weight faster than ever before. Lift Raw and Equipped if you don't know the differences between the two styles you could end up in trouble. Eliminate aches and pains. Develop a powerful mind-set. this will give you an edge in the gym and at competitions. Perform 10 easy-to-learn Pull-Up variations that you can use to build a stronger Back. Quickly design Conditioning and Recovery Workouts that will improve your strength, body composition and your health. If you want to build your Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift. you must learn to stay tight because the tighter you get, the more weight you will lift. When you watch a beginner Squat there is usually a noticable lack of tension and this results in strength leakages (or losses of power). Here are some tips to think about when you Squat, Bench and Deadlift that will help you get tighter: When you Squat, tense your abs as hard as you can and flex your lats. This will give you the tightness and core stiffness required to Squat big weights.

Andy Bolton Strength Squat Bench Press & Deadlift Summary

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Target Range of Motion

First, the bench press. If you want to really work your chest, the first 3 4 of the movement will do the trick. The last 1 4 works just your triceps. Now target range of motion doesn't apply to all exercises, but can be a real plus in others. All bench presses, shoulder presses, triceps exercises, leg extensions, leg curls, even squats are compatible for target range of motion work.

Principle In intensification phases load the muscles for at least seconds per set

So for example, lets say in the bench press, you are taking 2 to complete the eccentric portion, taking a 2 second pause in the bottom position of the lift, and 1 second to complete the concentric range, your repetition cycle is of 5 seconds on average, therefore you want to do minimum of 4 reps per set if you are following that tempo prescription.

Principle Strive to be strong at all angles

They are the same of individuals that will only incline barbell press if the bench angle is set at 45 degree or less, for fear of not appearing strong to their fellow lifters. So what, if your bench is set 62 degrees, it is the recruitment of new motor units that counts. If you understand the concept of structural balance, you will not be afraid to train lifts which you are poor at. Take the example of Ed Coan who had made an impressive jump in his bench press performance. When asked what he attributed it to, he replied that he had brought up his press behind neck.

As and NO Boosters

There are no studies published to date using blends of orally ingested AAs for boosting NO with the goal of enhancing exercise-induced results. A form of ARG (ARG alpha-ketoglutarate, or AAKG) appears to be the only AA used in commercially available products claiming to boost NO production. A two-part unpublished study was conducted by Campbell et al.254 to discover if 12 g day of AAKG for 8 weeks had any significant effects on muscle mass and performance in 30- to 35-year-old weight-trained males.255 Body composition results showed no differences between placebo and supplemented groups in fat free mass or body fat. No differences were found in total work or power between groups, but the supplemented group had a significantly greater 1RM bench press, sprint peak power, rate to fatigue, and hemoglobin level (hemoglobin was slightly increased in the AAKG group). These results were achieved without negatively impacting measured health markers such as blood pressure. As noted in Section...

Long Term Supplementation

Theoretically, increasing the ability to perform high-intensity exercise may lead to greater training adaptations over time. Consequently, a number of studies have evaluated the effects of creatine supplementation on training adaptations. For example, Vandenberghe et al.25 reported that in comparison to a placebo group, creatine supplementation (20 g day x 4 days 5 g day x 65 days) during 10 weeks of training in women increased total creatine and PCr content, maximal strength (20 to 25 ), maximal intermittent exercise capacity of the arm flexors (10 to 25 ), and FFM by 60 . In addition, the researchers reported that creatine supplementation during 10 weeks of detraining helped maintain training adaptations to a greater degree. Noonan and collaborators65 reported that creatine supplementation (20 g day x 5 days 0.1 or 0.3 g kg day of FFM x 51 days) in conjunction with resistance and speed agility training significantly improved 40-yard dash time and bench press strength in 39 college...

Compound vs Isolation Exercises

The building blocks of your strength training program lie in the superiority of COMPOUND exercises over ISOLATION exercises. Compound exercises (like bench press, squat, pull-ups, etc.) stress multiple muscle groups across more than one joint while isolation exercises (like db fly's, concentration curls, etc.) stress only across a single joint.

How Do You Know How Much Resistance to Use to Promote Muscle Development

To overload a muscle, three sets of six to ten repetitions is probably adequate to stimulate growth. More sets will certainly provide a greater rate of hypertrophy, within reason. To begin, you need to estimate your one-repetition maximum (1-RM). This will be the maximum weight you can overcome to complete one repetition. Certainly it is not recommended that you try to determine your 1-RM by experimenting with heavy weights if you are just getting started. You can experiment with light weights and determine the best weight for an exercise (for example, shoulder press, bench press, curls) with which you are able to do about five to ten repetitions. This should be about 80 to 85 percent of your 1-RM. Your goal for muscle development is to do three to four sets of 8 to 12 repetitions before experiencing muscle fatigue.

Get The Most From Every Drop Of Sweat

If you want to get stronger, you simply need to make your muscles work harder against a resistance. Compound movements, exercises that work more than one muscle group at a time (like lunges, squats, bench press, pull-ups) work best, helping you get more done in less time. Lifting weights will stimulate muscle development, tone, and definition.

These are the kind of workouts that have failure written all over them

How do you do it After you finish a set of, say, bench press, stretch your shoulders, chest, and triceps for 20 seconds. In other words, use your rest periods to do your stretching Something better to do (and better for you) other than B.S.-ing or screwing around. Get faster results - 20 faster Who DOESN'T want that

Short Term Supplementation

Numerous studies have been conducted to evaluate the effects of short-term creatine supplementation (3 to 7 days) on exercise performance. For example, Volek and colleagues56 reported that creatine supplementation (25 g day for 7 days) resulted in a significant increase in the amount of work performed during five sets of bench press and jump squats in comparison to a placebo group. Tarnopolsky and MacLennan57 reported that creatine supplementation (20 g day x 4 days) increased peak cycling power, dorsi-flexion maximal voluntary contraction (MVC) torque, and lactate in men and women with no apparent gender effects. Moreover, Wiroth and colleagues58 reported that creatine supplementation (15 g day x 5 days) significantly improved maximal power and work performed during 5 x 10 sec cycling sprints with 60-sec rest recovery in younger and older subjects.

Justins Story in his own words

When I first started lifting weights, I could only press 65 lbs. Girls in the gym was lifting more than I was. Today, I bench press 250 lbs. I admired all of those big guys in the gym, when I first started to work out. They thought that they were so cool, because they could lift a lot of weight, and I would often get teased. You know what Those same guys are lifting the same weight, and I have increased my bench press 185 lbs. The best part, I'M STILL GROWING People who had not seen me in years are amazed when they see my change. I have even been accused of using steroids. To tell you the truth, I take that as a compliment. It shows that I had really changed my body, to make a person say that.

Leave your Ego outside

I constantly see people in the gym uses way too much weight. They load the bar up and then use the most sloppy and dangerous techniques to lift it, all for the sake of their egos. I see people load up the bench press with a huge weight then start to bounce the bar off their chest or they get a friend to help them with every rep. What the hell I see people load too much weight on a bar and do squats for the sake of looking strong.

Principle Dumbbell work is the foundation of strength

Staying away from dumbbell work is another training mistake. One man who knew how critical dumbbell work was the legendary Pat Casey, the man officially credited for being the first bench press of 600 lbs. Plenty of heavy dumbbell incline presses was done before he reached that landmark weight in the bench press.

Nonendurance Activities

Supplementation may be beneficial for these athletes. However, the data on nonendurance activities and glutamine supplementation are scarce. Antonio et al.43 observed that pre-exercise glutamine supplementation (0.3 g kg body weight) in men performing weight-lifting exercise did not result in any changes in maximal repetitions performed in the leg press or bench press, suggesting that short-term ingestion of glutamine does not enhance weight-lifting performance in resistance-trained men. The supposition that glutamine may act as a buffering agent for repeated bouts of high-intensity activities originates from the potential ability to maintain the acid-base balance in the body. However, Haub et al.44 in a study of the effects of glutamine or placebo supplementation (0.03 kg kg) did not observe any beneficial effects of the supplementation on five repeated bouts of cycling at 100 VO2max peak (four bouts lasting 60 sec and the fifth bout continued to fatigue). The results indicated that...

Principle Training frequency is determined by the progress in strength

Now the question is how does one determines that. Very simple. I call it the 2 rule of progress. Unless you are a very advanced lifter i.e. 2.2 times bodyweight in the bench press, You should be able to put either 2 more weight on the bar, or do an extra rep, every time you repeat a workout. Of course, you should always compare set 1 of a given exercise, with set 1 of the same exercise the following workout, and of course set 2 is compared with set 2, and so on. If you are meeting that target strength increase, this is the right frequency for you. Powerlifting champion Fred Hatfield is a strong proponent of this system. So was Mike MacDonald, one of the most successful bench pressers of all time. Terry Todd related to me that he would test how he felt in the bench press muscles with just using a broomstick for resistance. If it felt odd he would take an extra day off, or whatever how many days offs he felt it would take to be stronger than the last workout.

Circuit training

Give yourself a specific rest period you'll take between sets. Let's use 1 minute rest periods. For example, for dumbbell bench presses, do your set, then hit your stopwatch. When a minute is up, do another set of db bench presses. Hit your stopwatch. Repeat for the amount of sets you're going to do for each exercise. Now, you're also going to take that 1-minute rest between exercises. So after you finish your last set of db bench presses, you have 1 minute to get your butt over to get ready for the next exercise.

Men AND Women

Dumbbell Bench Press (flat or incline) - The best for your chest. Remember a while back I talked about how you develop muscle - by stimulating the nervous system You have to work harder at controlling the db's so they're not going all over the place. That stimulates the nervous system more than holding a barbell, which distributes the weight across the bar. Good stimulation, but not quite enough.

Starting too heavy

Resist the temptation to lift as much as you can the first few times in the gym, even if the smaller guy next to you is lifting more. While your muscles may be able to lift the weight, your connective tissues probably aren't ready for it. Go for high reps the first few times and gradually work your way heavier, especially in pushing exercises such as the bench press and any of the shoulder exercises

Week Week

By the 7th week of the program I had gained a full 25 pounds, and stayed incredibly lean. My arms had gained a little over 2 inches and my chest and delts were more developed and striated than ever. I had increased my bench press from 195 to 245 over the course of the full program, and I increased my squat by nearly 40 pounds. What Anthony has compiled in his program is the most complete, up to date guide available regarding weight training for proper mass gains. When followed properly, there is no doubt in my mind that even the hardest of gainers will experience good results.


The men were given 5g of ribose before they performed the bench press and 5g following the exercise vs. a group taking a placebo. The study found a statistically significant increase in the number of repetitions performed in the bench press in athletes getting the ribose compared to athletes taking the placebo (5 subjects in the ribose group and 7 in the placebo group). The number of bench press repetitions performed to muscular failure increased +29.8 ribose vs. +7.42 placebo (p 0.046) over the 4 week period. Another relatively small study with 16 athletes receiving 10g of ribose and put through repeated sprints had an increase in mean power over 5 days of training (4.2 vs. 0.6 ).


The study found statistically significant changes in the IGF-1 levels of the athletes tested via saliva testing. Another recent study presented by Dr Richard Kreider and co workers at the 2001 Experimental Biology conference found the addition of colostrum to the diets of 49 well trained athletes increased both bodyweight and bench press strength.

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