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The Bad Breath Report is a simple and straight-forward special report, in which you will also discover: The single cause of virtually All cases of bad breath, and what you can do to control it, no matter how serious your problem, or how long you've had it. You need never be self-conscious, or embarrassed, about your breath again. (See page 6) 5 simple things you can do today that can rid you of bad breath, even before you try the treatment! At the very least, this will slash your problem in half! (See pages 8-13) Brushing and flossing your teeth is good for you, but it will Not improve your bad breath. find out why. How to get rid of that ugly white coating on your tongue. without scraping! (Also find out why scraping your tongue will Not get rid of the white coating. even if you scrape until it bleeds!) (See page 18) A scientifically-proven way to eliminate mouth ulcers and canker sores for good. even if you have been plagued by them for as long as you can remember! Why you should Never use commercially-available toothpaste! Recent scientific studies prove that most of them contain harsh chemicals that cause huge damage inside your mouth. (See pages 25-26) Why a commonly used (and ultra-expensive) halitosis treatment that is recommended by so-called experts not only makes your bad breath even worse than before, but also screws up your overall health too! (See page 14) The one critical secret to wiping out your bad breath forever. that nobody else tells you about. (See page 28)

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This Special Report Contains Vital Information That Will Enable You To Take Control Of Your Life. Never Again Will You Suffer The Humiliation Of Bad Breath. Give Yourself Cleaner, Fresher Breath And A More Kissable Mouth. Take control of your life now, buy this personal guide and youll never suffer the humiliation of bad breath ever again. Youll enjoy increased self-confidence and positive effects on your self-esteem. 7 reasons why you should buy this report. You'll discover: The surprising causes of bad breath. Why mouthwash and breath mints can make it worse. When odd breath smells are dangerous to your health. What you should know about tongue piercing before its too late. How eating disorders affect bad breath. How to get to the root of the problem. What single item you can chew to cleanse your breath

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Just some of these integral discoveries were. The root causes of all cases of bad breath, and how to tackle them. Just how curable bad breath really is yet doctors dont seem to know, and most sufferers are misled into believing there is no hope when there is. The number one cause of nearly all types of bad breath. Odds are its something you can amend right now for incredible results before even using the formula. The types of foods and beverages which cause bad breath, and the types which help to fight bad breath. Foods and beverages are the number two causes of all types of bad breath yet many of these are never associated with bad breath. Stomach pills are only marginally effective on less than 3% of cases of bad breath, leaving an astonishing 97% of peoples bad breath problems originating in the mouth, not the stomach. The conditions within the mouth which cause bad breath, as well as the often invisible forces which drive these conditions. What I and many others were doing wrong which, if we didnt stop, wouldve meant wed have suffered from a degree of bad breath forever regardless of this newfound treatment. How to create the ideal conditions within the mouth for avoiding bad breath. The terrifyingly close links between bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease. Just how ineffective commercial toothpastes and mouthwashes are. How many of the common things I and others thought we were doing for the good of our bad breath actually make things far worse. How to use tongue scraping effectively as part of this newfound treatment. The ingredients which I used to form the perfect toothpaste. Something far more effective and far more refreshing for your mouth than mint. How taking proper care of your teeth can help to fight bad breath, and vice versa.

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End Your Bad Breath Today With Common Household Remedies That Won't Cost You A Penny. Here's what you'll find in New Bad Breath Cures: Secrets and Research Revealed Ebook: Bad breath home remedies that are right at your fingertips. Simple but little-known ways to test for bad breath. Secret remedies that use common foods and even teas. 3 easy ways to improve the way you clean your teeth. Common causes of bad breath that you've never considered. How medications can be a big problem when it comes to keeping your breath sweet-smelling. You'll learn simple strategies that use ingredients right from your medicine cabinet. How bad breath can be a sign of an urgent, underlying medical problem. Overlooked tips and tricks for stopping bad breath in its tracks. Simple solutions that cost only pennies. Easy changes to your routine that can make a huge difference. Effective but forgotten secret that instantly allows you let go of embarrassment about your bad breath.

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Food Stagnating in the Stomach Shi Zhi Wei

Stomach qi is obstructed in its downbearing function by food retention. This causes a pathological upbearing of stomach qi with the following symptoms Bloating in the solar plexus (epigastrium) alleviated by vomiting nausea, vomiting, burping, sour reflux, bad breath, lack of appetite. Protracted stomach qi vacuity with cold can also obstruct heart qi. This leads to restlessness at night and disturbed sleep.

The Physiology Of Detoxification

As the lymph unburdens itself of undigested proteins, toxins, chemicals, and other undesirables, the substances flow into the blood. Instantly a poison may be all over the circulatory system before it is filtered out as waste. This is why some may have sudden cold or hot flashes, fevers, diarrhea, rashes, desires for poor foods, tastes of old medicines, mucus discharges, and other symptoms, while detoxifying. These physical eliminations also carry with them emotional releases, such as anxiety, depression, and other imbalances. These are good signs, you want those poisonous substances and emotions out of your body. Don't worry about the, embrace them as part of the process. Other detoxification symptoms may include bad breath, coughs, cold symptoms, drowsiness, headaches, momentary aches, nausea, unclear thinking, and or weight loss.

Clean green juice

The chlorophyll in green vegetables is thought to help with the detoxification processes. In addition, chlorophyll is useful in treating smelly feet, bad breath and body odour. This is a light refreshing juice that makes you feel clean from the inside out. Add ice cubes if you like.

Drug treatment

A Turkish study randomized 162 school children with halitosis to mebendazole vs. placebo and documented a significant improvement in their chronic bad breath in the treatment group for those with intestinal parasites (pinworm, round-worm, giardiasis, Taenia or whipworm).162

Signs and symptoms

The presenting symptoms in children tend to correlate with patient age and can mimic those seen in adults, or they can be more vague, thus requiring a high degree of suspicion for diagnosis. Symptoms in older children (more than 7 years) tend to parallel those seen in adults, so dysphagia and regurgitation predominate, but with subster-nal chest pain and burning also appearing in about half the patients.70 Children aged less than 6 years, particularly infants, more commonly present with respiratory symptoms, complaints, similar to those of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), occasional emesis and failure to thrive.12,71 Regurgitation and dysphagia are the most common symptoms, present in 83 and 71-80 of patients, respectively, followed by failure to thrive in 54-70 .70,72 Especially in non-verbal children, a diagnosis of achalasia should be entertained when presented with a patient experiencing significant chronic respiratory symptoms, such as choking, recurrent pneumonia, severe...

How To Win Your War Against Bad Breath

How To Win Your War Against Bad Breath

Bad breath causes immense distress but you can easily get rid of it. All you have to do is read the eBook, How To Win Your War Against Bad Breath, to find out how you can bid good-bye to bad breath. In its 58 pages, this eBook presents excellent information on the causes and treatment of bad breath. Often, the food you eat is the culprit. Follow these simple tips and enjoy fresh breath.

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