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Paddison Program For Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Joint Pain Relief Codes

Jonathan Bender is the author of this great guide; The Joint Pain Relief Code. Bender graduated from high school in 1999 and was a number 5 overall pick in the 1999 NBA draft to play professional basketball as a career. Little did he know that after playing 76 games for the Indiana pacers, he will sustain a knee injury that will change the course of his basketball career from there onwards. He was forced into retirement due to the problem he encountered in his knees. Since the cartilage between his knees had eroded, Bender tried various programs, medications, and treatments to find relief from his pain. He developed techniques to help him relax, release and activate his muscles to reduce the joint pain. These techniques are what Bender is planning to reveal to us in this great e-book guide. This program is divided into two main parts; a series of bodyweight exercises that will enable you lose some weight in some areas and a delicious, easy-to-make recipes to allow you avoid food that bring about joint pain. This program is for everyone, both for those suffering from joint pain and those who are not. It will enable you prevent it from happening to you. All you need to do is purchase the e-book and read about it.

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Causes of Joint Problems

Joint diseases or from overuse or excessive stress specific to a sport (eg, joint pain from running or cycling or constant repetitive stress on a specific knee). These causes including the following Disease. The most common type of joint disease is osteoarthritis 3,6 . Although the term osteoarthritis suggests an inflammatory disease, osteoarthritis is a disease of the synovial joint, in which all of the tissues are affected, including the subchondral bone, synovium, meniscus, ligaments, supporting neuromuscular apparatus, and cartilage, in which biochemical and metabolic alterations result in the breakdown of this tissue. Some inflammatory cells may be present in osteoarthritis, but inflammation is not the primary disease state 3 . It is believed that degeneration of cartilage in osteoarthritis is characterized by two phases a biosynthetic phase, during which the chondrocytes in cartilage attempt to repair damage to the extracellular matrix, and a degradative phase, in which the...

Nonpharmacologic and Pharmacologic Treatments

No medications have been shown to reverse the damage to joints caused by injury or disease, so pain relief is the main goal for individuals with osteoarthri-tis and other joint disorders. Many patients with joint pain use NSAIDs 47 . On average, 30 pain relief and 15 functional improvement have been reported 6 . Although NSAIDs may suppress inflammation, they do not improve the natural history of the disease. Another problem with NSAIDs is that they are associated with an increased risk of side effects, including the following 48 Exacerbation of the degenerative process of osteoarthritis by decreasing production of glycosaminoglycan synthesis Another class of medications for the treatment of joint pain is the cyclooxy-genase-2 (COX-2) inhibitors, which target COX-2, an enzyme responsible for inflammation and pain 49 . COX-2 inhibitors were associated with fewer gastrointestinal side effects than the NSAIDs in several large studies 50,51 . Concerns about cardiovascular effects led to...

Top Five Exercise Myths

Bogus statement It is true that both weight training and cardiovascular exercise usually involve some type of minor discomfort, such as feelings of slight burning or fatigue and moderate to heavy breathing. However, pain is entirely different. If you feel pain when you work out (particularly joint pain), you're doing something wrong. Stop exercising immediately, and have it checked by your physician. Pushing through agony can lead to serious trouble. If it checks out okay, seek the assistance of a qualified trainer something is probably wrong with your exercise program or technique.

Chondroitin Sulfate

It is still not clear what the actions are of chondroitin sulfate when taken as a nutritional supplement. Purported effects are the promotion and maintenance of the structure and function of cartilage in the joints of the body. It has also been reported that chondroitin sulfate has anti-inflammatory and pain relief effects. The biochemistry has been known for some time. Chondroitin sulfate is a GAG, previously described in the glucosamine mechanisms. It is essential for the structure and function of articular cartilage and provides the same properties as hyaluronic acid. While intra-articular injections of hyaluronic acid have been shown to relieve joint pain and improve mobility, the same has not yet been demonstrated for chondroitin sulfate. It is speculated that oral ingestion of chondroitin sulfate may lead to an increase in hyaluronic acid. Thus, cartilage breakdown would be inhibited.6

Micrograms of other vitamin A precursor carotenoids

Prolonged use of high doses of preformed vitamin A (the Tolerable Upper Intake Level is 3000 micrograms day) may cause symptoms of hypervitaminosis A such as hair loss, bone pain and damage, fatigue, skin problems, liver damage, nausea, and vomiting. High doses are particularly dangerous for pregnant women (they may cause birth defects) and the elderly (they can cause joint pain, nausea, muscle soreness, itching, hair loss, and liver and bone damage). Overconsump-tion of beta-carotene supplements can be quite harmful as well.

Strengthening Defense Qi Wei Qi

General symptoms of qi or yang vacuity include pale complexion feeling cold, shivering and aversion to cold cool and cold extremities easily physically and emotionally fatigued general list-lessness spontaneous perspiration (lung qi vacuity). During the acute phase of a cold chills, a feeling of coldness along one's back along the greater yang (tai yang) channel, joint pain runny nose with liquid, clear secretion sneezing, sensitive to cold, exhaustion (symptoms of a wind-cold attack on the body).

What is Physical Fitness

What does it mean to be physically fit The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) has defined physical fitness as a set of characteristics (i.e., the work capacity of your heart and lungs, the strength and endurance of your muscles, and the flexibility of your joints) that relate to your ability to perform physical activities. Regular physical activity leads to improved physical fitness and many other physiologic, cosmetic, and psychological benefits. Depending on personal goals and job requirements the level of physical fitness to attain can range from basic, health-related to more specific, performance-related fitness (Figure 4-1).

Top Non Traditional Muscle Building Fat Blasting Workouts

Ring Training - This type of training basically uses portable gymnastic rings that you can take anywhere with you. You throw the straps up over any high bar like a pullup bar, the top of a power rack, or even over a football field goal crossbar. Then you can quickly adjust the rings to do exercises like ring dips, ring pushups, ring pull-ups, hanging leg raises, horizontal body rows, L-sits, and more. Dips and pushups on the rings are my favorites and the rings really make them a hell of a lot more difficult, while also incorporating your stabilizer muscles to a much greater degree. The rings allow your joints to move in a more natural pattern and can help you prevent or even recover from shoulder injuries. Personally, when I try dips on a normal dip stand, it hurts my shoulders. However, dips on the training rings feel perfect, and also give me a much better muscle pump. The training rings are one of the best training devices I've ever bought. Give them a try I think you'll like them...


Echinacea (also known as purple coneflower) is a perennial herb found in the eastern and central United States and southern Canada. Although there are at least nine species of this plant, three of them (Echinacea angustifolia, E. pallida, and E. purpurea) are most commonly used for medicinal purposes. Preparations of echinacea have been long used for a plethora of conditions including treatment of the common cold, upper respiratory infections, wound healing, toothaches, joint pain, and insect bites. Thus, use of echinacea during pregnancy is typically not related to pregnancy-associated issues, but instead as an alternative to other over-the-counter or prescription medications to treat these ailments.

Fat Soluble Vitamins

Although your body controls the creation of vitamin A from beta-carotene, it has no control when you ingest straight vitamin A, which can be found in vitamin tablets. Over-supplementation can be extremely toxic, resulting in general fatigue and weakness, severe headaches, blurred vision, insomnia, hair loss, menstrual irregularities, skin rashes, and joint pain. In extreme cases, there can be liver and brain damage. Huge doses taken in the prenatal period can cause birth defects.

Vitamin C

Poor consumption of fruits and vegetable sources of vitamin C, as well as smoking can reduce vitamin C status in the body. This in turn can lower antioxidant protection and over time could reduce the efficiency of other vitamin C roles in the body. Meanwhile, true vitamin C deficiency syndrome is referred to as scurvy. For adults, scurvy will appear approximately 1 to 3 months after discontinuing vitamin C consumption. Medical signs and symptoms include impaired wound healing, fluid buildup in ankles and wrists (edema), swollen, bleeding gums with tooth loss, fatigue, lethargy, and joint pain. In infants who are not breast-fed, deficiency can be recognized at around 6 months of age when the vitamin C stores transferred from the mother during pregnancy have been exhausted. Medical signs of this syndrome (Moeller-Barlow disease) include abnormal bone character and development, severe joint pain, anemia, and fever. The abnormalities in bone are directly related to vitamin C's involvement...

Running Form

Regardless of your running goals, pay attention to your form. This will ensure your running style is efficient and safe for your joints. The key is to run naturally and remain relaxed. Do not overstride, i.e., straightening your leg and landing with your heel in front of your knee. Overstriding is hard on the knees, back and the hips and can cause injuries.


When you walk, keep your back straight and your stride comfortable. Do not use ankle or hand weights because they increase the stresses placed on your joints. If you have been sedentary, start by walking for 15 minutes on a flat surface at a pace that allows you to talk somewhat easily. Walk every other day. Each week increase the time you walk by 10 until you can walk for 20 minutes continuously. Next, increase your distance by 10 each week (staying at the 3.0 m.p.h. pace) until you can walk continuously for 2 miles. Then follow the program outlined in Table 6-1.


HIV infection increases energy needs due to an increase in REE, as previously stated. This increased REE coupled with HIV-related infections and complications, such as anorexia, place HIV-infected pregnant women at greater nutritional risk than the uninfected woman 23, 24 . Current energy recommendations for HIV-infected pregnant and lactating women are an increase of 10 over baseline energy needs during the asymptomatic phase and an increase of 20-30 over baseline energy needs during the symptomatic phase 25 . Early symptomatic HIV infection is defined as the stage of viral infection caused by HIV when symptoms have begun, but before the development of AIDS. Symptoms may include but are not limited to mouth disorders (oral hairy leukoplakia, oral thrush, gingivitis), prolonged diarrhea, swollen lymph glands, prolonged fever, malaise, weight loss, bacterial pneumonia, joint pain, and recurrent herpes zoster. In addition, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends an intake of an...

Natural Arthritis Relief

Natural Arthritis Relief

Natural Arthritis Relief details a unique method of reversing Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms by removing numerous arthritis triggers as well as toxins using a simple 5 step natural process.

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