Protein Accretion

Ogino (1980) estimated the indispensable amino acid requirements of common carp and rainbow trout based on amounts of each amino acid retained in the carcass of the animal fed a high quality protein diet. This method has been used to estimate the amino acid requirements of the mossam-bique tilapia (Jauncey et al., 1983), Siberian sturgeon (Aciperiser baeri) (Kaushik et al., 1991), white sturgeon (Aciperiser trans-montanus) (Ng and Hung, 1995) and striped bass (Morone saxatilis) (Small and Soares, 1998). Even though it is generally accepted that this technique does provide an ideal pattern of indispensable amino acids for protein accretion, it is questionable whether the net amino acid retention values can actually be used to establish amino acid requirements for maximum growth. In general, requirement values estimated by this method are usually lower than those determined by growth studies. This may be due to the fact that normally only about 30-40% of the dietary nitrogen is retained by growing fish.

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