Prediction of pregnancy requirements for amino acids

Pregnancy requirements are predicted from uterine and conceptus demand based on expected birth weights and day of gestation [Equation 21.4], These become critical in the accuracy of ration formulation during the last 90 days of pregnancy because that is the period of highest conceptus weight accumulation and demand.

where YPAAj is metabolizable requirement for gestation for the Ith absorbed amino acid (g day-1); AATISS; is amino acid composition of tissue (%) (Table 21.1); MPp is metabolizable protein required for pregnancy (g day-1); MPEffldency is the efficiency of metabolizable to net protein, if dairy cows then MP,.^ is 0.33 otherwise it is 0.50; and EAAR is efficiency of use of the Ith amino acid for gestation (g g-1) (Table 21.2).

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