Isoleucineleucinevaline interactions

There appear to be some differences in the apparent isoleucine-leucine-valine interactions in different fishes. Chance et al. (1964) found that the isoleucine requirement in Chinook salmon was increased slightly with increasing levels of dietary leucine. This effect was not observed in either the common carp (Nose, 1979) or channel catfish (Robinson et al., 1984). Nose (1979) did, however, observe reduced growth rates in carp fed high dietary isoleucine levels during his leucine requirement study. This reduced growth rate was not observed when the leucine requirement study was repeated at lower isoleucine levels. Robinson et al. (1984) concluded that a nutri tional interrelationship does exist among the branched-chain amino acids in the channel catfish but the interaction does not appear to be as severe as has been observed in certain other animals (see Chapters 7 and 14).

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