Sines amino acids are extensively metabolized (see Chapters 4 and 5), it is widely assumed that any surplus ingested by animals is disposed of without adverse effects. It has also been suggested that the ruminant is endowed with protective detoxification mechanisms by virtue of considerable microbial metabolism of amino acids within the rumen. However, there is now unequivocal evidence demonstrating that amino acids may precipitate profound deleterious effects in diverse classes of farm animals. Furthermore, these manifestations conform with the three categories of imbalances, antagonisms and toxicities embodied in the classification established with the rat (Harper, 1959; Harper et al., 1970). This system has long existed as a conceptual model, largely confined to the academic domain by virtue of its origin in contrived experiments with laboratory animals. However, there is now enhanced perception of the wider and practical significance of adverse effects of amino acids in the nutrition of farm animals. Thus, concerted efforts are currently being directed at defining ideal dietary amino acid patterns for all classes of livestock (see for example Chapters 9 and 13) in order to pre-empt the deleterious effects of imbalances.

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In this chapter the effects of imbalances, antagonisms and toxicities are reviewed with respect to their significance in the nutrition of farm livestock. In addressing these issues, importance has been attached to differences between various classes of animals in their responses to disproportionate intakes of amino acids. Attention has also been given to biochemical features underlying the adverse effects of amino acids, strategies for mitigation and innate detoxification mechanisms in animals.

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