Enduring Concepts and Methodologies

Although this chapter is designed to look forward, one must nevertheless acknowledge earlier advances that have survived the test of time. One of these is the 'Reading model' originally developed by Fisher et al. (1973) and described in some detail in the first edition of this book (Fisher, 1994). Although the original version was developed to provide a formal description and prediction of responses of laying hens to amino acid intake, the model has now found wider applications in the nutrition not only of poultry but also of other species of farm animals. There is no doubt that the Reading model will remain an important landmark for the foreseeable future.

As pointed out in Chapter 2, ion-exchange chromatography (IEC) with postcolumn ninhy-drin detection remains the method of choice for the analysis of animal feeds, despite the significant advances made with HPLC. Factors contributing to the durability of IEC are high precision and resistance to matrix effects.

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