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Contributors vii

Preface ix

Abbreviations xi PART I: GENERAL ASPECTS

1 Amino Acids as Multifunctional Molecules 1

2 Amino Acid Analysis of Feeds 15

J. Fontaine

3 Absorption of Amino Acids and Peptides 41

C.R. Krehbiel and J.C. Matthews

4 An Outline of Pathways in Amino Acid Metabolism 71

5 Amino Acid Metabolism in Animals: an Overview 87

B.J. Bequette

6 Essential to Non-essential Amino Acid Ratios 103

J. Heger

7 Adverse Effects of Amino Acids 125


8 Methionine-Cystine Relationships in Pig Nutrition 143

A.J. Lewis

9 Ideal Dietary Amino Acid Profiles for Pigs 157

S. Boisen

10 Digestible Amino Acids in Diet Formulation for Pigs 169

R. Mosenthin and M. Rademacher

11 Modelling Amino Acid Metabolism and the Estimation of Amino 187 Acid Requirements

P.J. Moughan and M.F. Fuller

12 Amino Acid Utilization for Reproduction in Sows 203 S. W Kim and R.A. Easter


13 Ideal Amino Acid Patterns for Broiler Chicks 223

DM. Baker

14 Responses of Growing Poultry to Amino Acids 237


15 Metabolism and De Novo Synthesis of Amino Acids by Rumen Microbes 265

C. Atasoglu and R.J. Wallace

16 Modelling Amino Acid Metabolism in Ruminants 291 R.L. Baldwin, C.C. Calvert, P.H. Robinson and H.A. Johnson

17 Amino Acid Utilization for Wool Production 309 S.M. Liu and D.G. Masters

IS Amino Acid Utilization by Growing and Finishing Ruminants 329

E.C. Titgemeyer

19 Mammary Uptake and Metabolism of Amino Acids by Lactating 347 Ruminants

B.J. Bequette, M.D. Hanigan and H. Lapierre

20 Effects of Amino Acids on Milk Production 367

D.G. Chamberlain and J.-M. Yeo

21 Predicting Dietary Ammo Acid Adequacy for Ruminants 389


22 Canine and Feline Amino Acid Requirements for Different Physiological 411 Functions

W.H. Hendriks

23 Amino Acid Requirements of Finftsh and Crustaceans 427

R.P Wilson


24 Crystalline Amino Acids and Nitrogen Emission 449

M.W.A. Verstegen and A.W. Jongbloed

25 Economic Assessment of Amino Acid Responses in Growing Poultry 459

26 Conclusions 485


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