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The ideal amino acid profile is a valuable tool for characterizing the amino acid requirements for pigs as well as the protein quality of feedstuffs and diets. In practical feed evaluation systems there appears to be a tendency to higher recommendations for amino acids from the primarily limiting group than for those in the secondary limiting group, which are also generally much less studied. This may be related to a tendency to experimental over-estimations of the requirement for the investigated amino acid.

Sow's milk appears to be a relevant and useful reference for most amino acid requirements for growing pigs, with the exception of threonine, sulphur amino acids and tryptophan. These have relatively high requirements after weaning due to increased maintenance requirements, which also increase relatively when the relative protein deposition decreases in the finishing period of slaughter pigs. However, for practical feed production the ideal dietary amino acid profile for fast growing pigs may be considered to be constant.

Because experimental determinations of amino acid requirements are influenced by a large number of factors, more standardization and improved optimization of the experimental conditions is generally needed before differences in the ideal dietary amino acid profile for growing pigs from weaning to 100 kg live weight can be Identified and documented.

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