1. Amino acid analysis of feedingstuffs is more important than ever today as virtually all compound feeds are formulated with supplemental amino acids and a sound knowledge of amino acid content in current raw materials delivers considerable cost savings.
  2. Because of its high precision and resistance to matrix effects, amino acid analysis by IEC and postcolumn ninhydrin derivatization has become the official standard in recent years. Hydrolysis conditions have also been standardized. None of the various methods of HPLC analysis after precolumn derivatization have prevailed over this classic technique.
  3. Tryptophan in feed is determined underivatized after alkaline hydrolysis, separated by HPLC on RP-siliea gel and measured specifically by fluorescence detection. Hydrolysis with barium hydroxide in an autoclave gives optimal recovery.
  4. The development of robust NIRS calibrations for amino acid analysis in feed raw materials from global origin by service laboratories of amino acid manufacturers and their transfer to spectrometers in feed mills for the first time allows a continuous adaptation of diet formulation to current raw material batches.

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