Check for compound feed quality

Declarations of amino acid concentrations in commercial animal feedingstuffs are compulsory in many countries and are monitored by means of official amino acid analysis. But regular analyses of the amino acid composition of compound feeds and premixes are also necessary as a quality assurance tool, i.e. to check ration formulation and production. Of particular concern is the accurate and homogeneous incorporation of the supplemented amino acids as they account for a considerable proportion of the total content and haw therefore a major impact on animal performance. The given good repeatability of extraction and analysis of these supplemented amino acids has led to the elaboration of a mixer test which determines concentrations and variation (CV) in typically ten samples from a mixer batch (Poole, 1991; Fontaine, 2002). A summary evaluation over several years revealed that in about one-fifth of feeds with an analysed CV of more than 10% the distribution of the amino acids in the feed is not sufficiently homogeneous.

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