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Do Sugary Foods Cause Acne

High-sugar foods do not seem to contribute to acne development. Acne appears to be more related to hormones circulating in the blood. In many situations, acne results from a clogging of pores that connect oil-releasing glands to the surface of our skin. When pores become clogged, they may eventually become infected, inflamed, and rise up. Many dermatologists recommend keeping the face clean without overwashing. Overwashing can irritate and dry the skin. Dry, tight skin from excessive washing may narrow or close pore openings, doing more harm than good.

Diet Acne

Foods) can aggravate acne by increasing sebum production. Foods high in refined carbohydrates (particularly sucrose) and low in fiber can also stimulate sebum production. Food sensitivities (especially to nuts and colas) can trigger acne in susceptible individuals. Acne can be caused by preparations containing iodine, such as kelp products and certain medicines. To help reduce the frequency and severity of acne

Can We Get Too Much of Certain Vitamins During Pregnancy

It is important to realize that excessive vitamin A supplementation during pregnancy can result in birth defects. Furthermore, a vitamin A derivative is the active ingredient in Accutane (isotretinoin), which is used to treat cystic acne. The use of this product should be discontinued during pregnancy, as well as when attempting to become pregnant. In fact, since this drug is metabolized slowly it can take several weeks to a couple of months before it is safe for a woman to become pregnant after discontinuing its use. If she becomes pregnant while using Accutane, the mother should discuss this with her physician immediately, as the risk of birth defects is exceptionally high.

Have You Ever Wondered

. . . what to eat to control acne Although all kinds of foods get blamed, teenage acne is linked to hormonal changes, rarely to food choices. The best approach to healthy skin is to eat an overall varied and balanced diet, keep skin clean, get enough rest and wait. After the body matures, most acne clears up. If problems are severe or persist, talk to a dermatologist. Sometimes a skin application that contains a derivative of vitamin A is prescribed simply taking a vitamin A tablet won't clear the skin. Caution If the doctor prescribes Accutane (isotretinoin) to treat severe acne, avoid supplements with vitamin A. Together, Accutane and vitamin A have toxic effects. Taking Accutane can also raise cholesterol and blood lipid (fat) levels until the treatment stops. Because of the many potential psychological (depression, lack of concentration, irritability, and suicidal thoughts, among others) and physical (including unusual fatigue and appetite loss) side effects of Accutane, make sure...

Food Choices Control for PMS

Do you experience uncomfortable symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) Women describe as many as two hundred symptoms physical, such as acne, backaches, bloating, tender breasts, and headaches food cravings and psychological, such as anxiety, irritability, and insomnia.

Use in Prevention and Therapy

Infections of the skin (fungal infections, acne, impetigo, boils), influenza, conjunctivitis, ear infections (otits externa and media), bronchitis and pneumonia, and infectious diarrheal disease may benefit from vitamin A. Even in children who are not vitamin A deficient, vitamin A can lessen the severity of communicable infectious diseases.5,12,13 For example, vitamin A supplements taken with measles or infectious diarrhea can reduce complications and mortality by more than 50 .5,13

Regulation of Gene Expression

Vitamin A regulates growth and differentiation of many types of cells and tissues. It affects particularly the mucosa of the respiratory tract (A) if the active metabolite retinoic acid (RA) is missing, patchy lack of cilia (A1-A3) results. At the same time, mucus-secreting cells increase in numbers. This disturbed differentiation causes a reduction in the lungs' ability to expel particles, making them more susceptible to infections. Sustained vitamin A deficiency leads to metaplasia of the respiratory epithelium (B, C), a precancerous stage. This may explain the relationship between low vitamin A supply and lung cancer. Since compounds in cigarette smoke like benzopyrene deplete the lungs' vitamin A storage, the resulting localized vitamin A deficiency may enhance the development of lung cancer. RA apparently also controls the morphogenesis of several tissues during embryonic development. Vitamin A deficiency as well as use of RA (as acne medication) during early pregnancy results in...

Nutritional Ergogenic Agents

No benefits demonstrated may cause testosterone production to decline and shrinking of the testicles may cause light-headedness, aggression, nausea, vomiting, headaches, depression, lethargy, rashes, acne, and virilization in females. Some may increase risk of developing cancer. Andro group and other steroid alternatives are banned by the military.

The recommended intakes are given in retinal activity equivalents RAE and

Fish Nutrition Chart

On findings from pharmacological use of retinoic acid for therapy of severe acne. There are reports of miscarriages and malformations. Since retinoic acid cannot be metabolized to its reduced forms (retinal, retinol), it is questionable whether these results apply to vitamin A from foods. Nevertheless, to be on the safe side, women wanting to get pregnant, as well as during the first trimester, should abstain from eating liver. Outside of pregnancy, toxic effects of high doses of vitamin A from foods are not relevant. Reports of hypervitamino-sis A are rare, and it occurs mostly in children after intake of medications. The UL is 3000 ug d for adults.

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The supposed connection between chocolate and acne probably originates in folklore. Conscientious attempts to demonstrate the connection have been unable to do so, but that has not prevented those with strongly held views from expressing them persuasively, sometimes disguised as scientific facts. The actual causes of acne appear not to be understood even today. However, factors such as hormonal changes, both in adolescents and in women during menstruation, and bacterial status can adversely affect acne eruptions. There also appear to be connections to deficiencies of zinc and retinol-binding protein, but these are as yet unexplainable. Certainly, expert bodies such as the American Dietetic Association (16), the American Academy of Dermatology (5) and the Mayo Clinic (17) all state that there is no link between chocolate and acne, as do previous reviewers. To paraphrase Maslansky and Wein (14), 'is it possible that we have been guilty of taking candy away from babies ' 3. Michaelsson,...

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Troversy, yet it is discouraging that this study is widely reported as indicating a positive relationship between chocolate and acne (12). Rasmussen (7) criticized the work of Fulton et al. (13) as not employing sufficiently specific means to evaluate a shift in severity from equal numbers of comedones to pustules. Nevertheless, the work of Fulton et al. is generally recognized as disproving any link between chocolate and acne and is cited positively in a letter to the editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association (14). This letter also pointed out that many erroneous assumptions have been made in relation to chocolate and allergy. It also speaks to the discrepancy between patients' perceptions and clinical symptoms. A study is described in which 500 allergic individuals, of whom 33 have been told to avoid chocolate, were tested. Of the 500, 16 thought that chocolate caused allergic symptoms. In fact, only 10 of the 500 manifested specific allergic symptoms within a...

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Acne and Diet Several foods such as fats (fatty meat, fried foods, nuts), carbohydrates (all sweets, cola drinks, chocolate) and iodides (seafood, iodized salt) have been commonly implicated as causing acne (6, 7). Tomatoes, citrus fruits and spices have also been blamed by some patients. Since serum lipid levels do not correspond to serum excretion rate and acne patients generally show no reproducible tendency to elevated cholesterol or triglycerides (7), it seems unlikely that such dietary factors alone could be responsible for acne. Acne patients as a group do not have abnormalities in glucose tolerance (7), nor do they consume abnormal quantities of sweets. Limiting sugar in the diet has not been shown to significantly improve acne. In fact, acne patients treated with intravenous carbohydrates noted an improvement (3). Studies designed to evaluate the effects of iodides on acne have had mixed conclusions. Two dietary factors that seem to be linked to acne are zinc and...


A woman is diagnosed with premenstrual syndrome if she has at least one emotional and one physical symptom during the five days before the onset of her period for three consecutive menstrual cycles. The specific symptom is not as important for diagnosis as is the cyclic fashion in which it appears. Emotional symptoms include minor fatigue, depression, angry outbursts, irritability, anxiety, confusion, social withdrawal, mood swings, and crying spells. Physical symptoms include headaches, bloating, acne, appetite changes and cravings, breast tenderness, and swelling of extremities.


The quality of the skin (its glow, shine, radiance) reflects the state of the internal organs. The skin is specifically representative of the condition of the liver. Acne, rashes, spots, etc. are all indicative of challenges of the liver. The skin disease psoriasis is connected with liver dysfunction and enzyme deficiencies - especially a lipase deficiency.


One of the nonmetallic elements found in every body cell is sulfur, often considered vital to maintain the body beautiful. Since its highest concentration is found in the hair, skin, and fingernails, it has gained a reputation for keeping skin clear and youthful, hair glossy, and fingernails strong. Many ointments and creams used for the treatment of skin problems, such as acne, contain sulfur. Bodybuilders who want to look their best onstage may want to investigate some of these products, which are sold in most health food stores.

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This review examines all major areas of interest from a nutrition and health standpoint and explores many of the popularly held beliefs about cocoa and chocolate. Chocolate has been accused of causing headaches and migraines, promoting heart disease, being addictive, causing dental decay, being a potent allergen, causing outbreaks of acne and unreasonably leading diabetics to abandon dietary common sense, amongst many other things. In most cases, this review of the scientific literature finds that these simply do not stand up to careful scrutiny. The fact that many dietitians tend to recommend their patients to avoid chocolate products seems to have its basis on emotional rather than scientific grounds (6).


Those with liver damage, or a weak liver, may need to moderate their intake of raw plant fats significantly when beginning The Sunfood Diet. Nuts may have to be bypassed and avocados and or blended seeds used instead. You will need to tune into your body, to know when you have eaten more fat than your liver can handle (acne may result from an excessive fat intake). Usually when the liver is working hard and processing raw plant fats, the appetite will shut down.

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