The Alkaline Acid Diet

The Alkaline Diet

To get to the roots of these health problems, the bodys pH level must be brought back to normal. There are alkaline foods that can help replenish the depleted alkaline levels in the body while neutralizing excess amounts of acid. Through an alkaline diet, sufficient amounts of alkaline are re-introduced into the body, thus bringing back the pH level to predominantly alkaline. So how do you incorporate an alkaline diet into your eating habits? First, you can start by cutting down your intake of processed foods. These type of foods contain chemicals that only increase the acidity of your body ones theyre digested. Second, steer clear of meat and meat products, dairies and alcohol. Third, load up on fresh fruits and vegetables, as they naturally are high in alkalinity. Even acidic fruits like oranges and lemons become alkaline after they have been digested and absorbed by the body. As a general rule, 75% of your daily food consumption should consist of alkalizing foods. The more alkaline foods we provide our bodies with, the more efficient the neutralization of excess acids will be. Read more...

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Electrolytes and Fluids

Which a diet restricted in salt and water proved effective for cases of obstinate edema due to nephritis (32). Yet in another article, the same authors provide contradictory statements. They recommended a 40-g protein diet for nephritis if there was retention of protein derivatives such as urea, and large amounts of fluid to wash out the poisonous substances (33). A few years later in 1931, Lashmet and Enke discussed the Neutral Diet in the treatment of nephritic edema. They theorized that edema was not due to the failure of the kidneys to excrete water or chloride, but due to the alkaline ash content of the diet. It was felt that an acid ash diet would decrease edema. Lashmet and Enke recommended 45-50g of protein, 2000 calories, a slight excess of acid ash, 10-15 g of ammonium chloride in 0.5 capsules with meals and 5000 mL of fluid daily (34,35).

Endotoxaemia sepsis and trauma

The importance of a hyperinflammatory response, characterized by overproduction of TNF-a, IL-1p, IL-6 and IL-8, in the progression of trauma patients towards sepsis is now recognized. Enhanced production of arachidonic acid-derived eicosanoids, such as PGE2, is also associated with trauma and burns. The inflammatory effects of infection can be mimicked by administration of endotoxin (bacterial lipopolysaccharide). Essential fatty acid deficiency in rats increased mortality after endotoxin challenge (Cook et al., 1981). Arachidonic acid administration increased mortality following endotoxin (Cook et al., 1981), while feeding a high linoleic acid diet increased mortality in guinea pigs recovering from burns injury (Alexander et al., 1986). Fish oil feeding or infusions enhanced the survival of guinea pigs following endotoxin challenge (Mascioli et al., 1988, 1989) and decreased the accompanying metabolic perturbations in guinea pigs and rats (for references, see Calder, 1997). Mice fed...

Essential fatty acids and other specific fatty acids

A2 or prostacyclin biosynthesis.127 When comparing the effects of diets enriched in lauric plus myristic acid or palamitic acid to stearic acid in healthy young men, it was found that palmitic acid increased factor VII coagulant activity compared to those enriched with stearic acid. However, stearic acid increased fibrinogen concentration compared to the lauric plus myristic acid diet.128 It is unknown if these modest affects on clotting factors could be a factor in the early stages of wound healing.

Effects on physical performance

The effect of ro-3 fatty acids, specifically EPA and DHA, has been tested on cytokine production during strenuous exercise due to their modulation on the production of pro-inflamatory and immunoregulatory cytokines.109 Strenuous exercise induces an acute-phase response with increased plasma concentration of IL-6,110 IL-1 receptor antagonist,111 and TNF-a.112 It is also thought that the anti-inflammatory cytokine, and transforming growth factor (TGF)- 1, is increased in physiological states similar to strenuous exercise.109 Therefore, the effect of 6.0 g day of fish oil supplementation containing 3.6 g of ro-3 fatty acids (approximately 1.9 g of EPA and 1.1 g of DHA), and tocopherol for 6 weeks on male runners before participating in a marathon was examined.109 The study aimed to investigate whether fish oil supplementation could modulate the acute-phase response to strenuous exercise. Subjects supplemented with fish oil showed incorporation of ro-3 fatty acids and less arachidonic...

Metabolic functions

Glutamine is essential for maintaining many homeostatic functions and for the optimal functioning of a number of body tissues, most importantly the gut and immune system. Glutamine is the most versatile amino acid and has several key regulatory functions in the body. It plays a central role in acid-base homeostasis, is a precursor for nucleic acids and nucleotide biosynthesis, is used in the synthesis of amino sugars, and participates in interorgan nitrogen transport. Glutamine is a key anapleuretic, energy-yielding substrate under conditions of hypoxia, anoxia, and dysoxia, and a key gluconeogenic metabolite under normal postabsorptive conditions.3 Additionally, glutamine is an important component of the flavor- and taste-enhancing compound monosodium glutamate. Table 14.1 summarizes the metabolic functions of glutamine. However, under catabolic states, such as exhaustive exercise, infection, surgery, and trauma, skeletal glutamine reserves are depleted, making this amino acid a...

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A recent study conducted by Schoene et al. (41) showed that stearic acid may have a more favorable effect on platelet physiology than other long-chain SFAs. In this study, subjects who consumed diets high in either stearic acid or palmitic acid had similar bleeding times (an estimate of clotting time). However, the mean platelet volume (MPV) after the high-stearic acid diet was significantly smaller (MPV 7.2 0.23 fl) compared to the diets high in palmitic acid (MPV 8.34 0.2 fl), suggesting that platelets from subjects consuming stearic acid were actually less sensitive to in vivo activation. Thus, while the full significance of the effects on platelet physiology is not yet known, these data further suggest that dietary stearic acid is not a thrombogenic SFA.

MCTGs and Health

Health concerns are an important issue with high-fat diets and diets high in MCTGs. Considering that it has been claimed that MCFAs do not increase plasma cholesterol, Tholstrup et al. compared the effects of a diet rich in either MCFAs or oleic acid on fasting blood lipids, lipoproteins, glucose, insulin, and lipid transfer protein activities in healthy men. The trial employed a double-blind, randomized, crossover design, with 17 healthy young men. The treatments consisted of replacing part of their usual dietary fat intake with 70 g of MCTGs (66 8 0 and 34 10 0) or high-oleic acid sunflower oil (89.4 18 1). Intervention periods lasted for 21 days. After completing one of the diets, there was a 2-week washout period. Blood was obtained before and after the intervention periods. Compared with the intake of high-oleic sunflower oil, MCTG intake resulted in 11 higher plasma TC (p 0.0005), 12 higher LDL-C (p 0.0001), 32 higher very low density lipoprotein cholesterol (VLDL-C) (p 0.080),...

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